Andrew P. Cooper’s Journey Into Cannabis Law and Advocacy

Jun 09, 2023
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In last week’s Top Stories by Hofstra University’s Law News, alumni Andrew P. Cooper, Esq., LL.M., Chair of the Cannabis & Psychedelics and Healthcare Practice Groups at Falcon Rappaport & Berkman, was interviewed about his career journey and focus on cannabis law in New York State and beyond. In the article, Andrew discusses his journey into cannabis and provides his thoughts on cannabis legalization, the potential benefits of cannabis for pain management and the future of the industry.  

During the pandemic, Andrew redirected his practice to cannabis law and soon became involved with the JUSTÜS Foundation, with a mission to move legacy to legal and create one regulated cannabis market. When reflecting on his passion for the legal cannabis industry, he affirms, "I'm doing it in a way so different than I have ever done before, and I'm loving every day." As an Adjunct Professor at Hofstra, Andrew teaches a cannabis law course and empowers his students to grasp the industry's intricacies.

For further insights into Andrew's significant contributions to the field of cannabis law throughout his 30-year career, read the full article HERE

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