Election Law & Campaign Finance

Falcon, Rappaport & Berkman LLP (FRB) has a nonpartisan team which will assist you in complying with all current election law mandates, while adding certainty, reassurance and value to your team.

Whether you are running for office, managing a campaign, running a ballot initiative or representing a political organization, FRB has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the challenges you will face gaining access to the ballot, ensuring voter integrity during the election, and complying with campaign finance laws – both during and after the election cycle.

FRB has extensive field experience in house – including overseeing petitioning operations for city, state and federal candidates; serving as Field Director for New York State and Citywide campaigns; training poll watchers and election observers; managing voter protection teams; and advising federal officeholders and New York City candidates on federal and city campaign finance matters.  FRB provides counsel that understands the fast-paced nature of campaign decision-making and, the need for practical and reliable solutions.

If you are considering becoming a candidate or starting a Political Action Committee, FRB is ready to help you navigate the complicated landscape of city, state and federal campaign finance and election laws.

FRB represents clients throughout the petitioning process – including all challenges.  FRB will train poll watchers and organize voter protection teams to work in conjunction with your campaign on election day.

FRB represents clients in all matters related to campaign finance (fundraising) and compliance (reporting).  This includes registration of campaigns and Political Action Committees (“PACs”), with the appropriate state or federal agencies – including, the New York City Campaign Finance Board’s matching fund system, New York State Board of Elections and Federal Election Committee.  FRB also handles the preparation and filing of any disclosure reports or transitional reports of any post-election audits for those candidates participating in the New York City Campaign Finance System.  FRB also monitors contribution and expenditure limits and independent expenditures.

FRB is here to make things run as smoothly as possible, so you can focus on running for office, managing your campaign, or other initiative you are leading.

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