Rachael A. Harding Explores the Impact of Rank Choice Voting on WFUV Daily News Podcast

Jun 29, 2023
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FRB’s Rachael A. Harding, Esq., Partner and Chair of the Election Law and Campaign Finance Practice Group, was a guest speaker on a recent episode of WFUV’s What’s What, a daily news podcast that discusses culture, current events, and trending topics throughout New York City. The episode spotlighted Rank Choice Voting, a recently implemented voting system for NYC’s primary and special elections in local offices since its enactment in 2019.

During the episode, Rachael evaluates the merits and limitations of this voting process, offering valuable insights to the voters of New York City. “[Rank Choice Voting] creates a friendlier campaigning environment instead of being cutthroat,” says Rachael when highlighting the positives. “The whole point of this is for candidates to join forces.”

However, concerns about continuity between traditional federal, state, and city voting systems are raised. In the podcast, Rachael analyzes these inconsistencies, stating “why am I voting this way, then flipping the ballot and voting the other way? [Rank Choice Voting] is going to create a lot of confusion for voters in New York City.”

Listen to Rachael’s full feature:


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