Estate Litigation & Contested Accountings

The death of a loved one is a deeply difficult experience, and with emotions running high, disputes often break out among otherwise amicable family members. These disputes may revolve around what the deceased person left—or did not leave—to certain members of the family. In other cases, the dispute focuses on the executor or administrator, as some family members may feel that they will not do their job in an adequate and impartial manner. And in other cases, family may argue over the value of the estate or a specific piece of property within it. Alternatively, a dispute may not involve family members at all: If the deceased person passed away with unpaid debts, their creditors may file a claim against their estate for repayment.

FRB has extensive experience navigating the complexities of contested estate matters. We understand that the dynamics of each family are unique, and the presence of one member’s legal counsel may raise tensions. In light of these considerations, we approach each estate litigation matter with a particular emphasis on tact and professionalism. Our primary goal is always to serve our client’s needs, but we also endeavor to cooperate and, if the circumstances permit, collaborate with other interested parties and their counsel and to keep all communications cordial and amicable.

We are also prepared to guide clients through guardianship proceedings within the New York Surrogate’s Court system. Guardianship cases often arise when a child or an individual with disabilities is left a significant inheritance after a loved one passes away. If the individual is unable to take care of their own finances, the court must appoint another trusted person to manage in their stead. These cases require the assistance of not only our estate litigation department, but also our administration and planning departments, as the case may require the completion of an associated probate or administration proceeding or the drafting of a trust for the individual’s assets. FRB emphasizes and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, and the collective expertise of our departments will advance you through the guardianship process swiftly and smoothly.

How Can FRB Help?

Navigating your way through the state court system is a difficult task by itself, and becoming involved in a dispute with a loved one or a creditor makes the task doubly challenging. We at FRB strive to alleviate these burdens and will work to ensure your loved one’s estate is distributed as they intended.

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