Probate & Administration of Trusts & Estates

Losing a loved and cherished member of one’s family is perhaps one of the most emotional and difficult experiences of one’s lifetime. For many people, it is during this period of grief that they must also manage their loved one’s assets, which is a hardship that often includes undergoing the bewildering process of probate or administration. At FRB, we feel strongly about ensuring that you understand this process, and as experienced estate administration attorneys, we will help you navigate the New York State Surrogate’s Court system.

The estate administration process requires an executor, who is an individual designated in the deceased person’s will, to submit the will to court and to manage and collect the deceased person’s assets. Alternatively, if the deceased person did not have a will, the court will appoint an administrator, who carries out a similar role. If the executor or administrator fails to do their job, then the deceased person’s assets remain inaccessible to their loved ones. But this job is one that is fraught with financial transactions, legalese, and court deadlines, which are particularly hard to comprehend while grieving a loved one.

At FRB, we take an analytical approach to estate administration. At the outset of our engagement, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of all information that the court will require, as well as a timeline of the entire administration process, breaking down due dates and permitted actions in a step-by-step method.


Once the probate or administration petition is submitted to the court, our office can continue to assist you in the accounting of your loved one’s estate. There are different kinds of estate accounting—from an informal report given to the deceased person’s beneficiaries to one that is judicially mandated; our office can lead you through any kind of necessary accounting, and you will communicate directly with our team of trained accountants alongside the attorneys in our probate department.

We understand that the administration process is easily overwhelming, and we strive to make this process as painless and palatable for our clients. We endeavor to keep you organized and properly prepared for the process, and we always approach our job with understanding and empathy. Hiring FRB to assist you as your estate administration attorneys will ensure that your loved one’s wishes are respected and that you, as the executor or administrator of their estate, are properly guided.

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