NYS Cannabis Growers Showcase Application is Now Live!

Jul 25, 2023
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The application for NY’s Cannabis Growers Showcase (CGS), in connection with the recently approved Resolution, is now live. Informally referred to as Cannabis Farmers Markets, the Cannabis Growers Showcase allows a Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) Licensee or Adult-Use Conditional Cultivator (AUCC) to apply to be a Cannabis Grower Showcase Organizer, which authorizes the Showcase licensees to exhibit New York cannabis products to consumers via temporary retail sales. Along with other requirements, the showcase must include at least three AUCCs and a CAURD licensee, with the potential to include an Adult-Use Conditional Processor (AUCP) per every three AUCCs participating and an additional CAURD for every three AUCC participants beyond the first three.

 The Showcase initiative is set to run through January 1, 2024. For additional information, please see the New York State Office of Cannabis Management's Showcase page, Guidance for Cannabis Growers Showcase, FAQs, or contact us here. For AUCC, AUCP, and CAURD Licensees seeking to partner with other applicable licensees, or become a Showcase Organizer, feel free to reach out to FRB's Cannabis & Psychedelics Practice Group at info@frblaw.com.

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