Free Comprehensive eBook on Building a Cannabis Business Released by FRB

Aug 09, 2022
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Free Comprehensive eBook on Building a Cannabis Business Released by FRB

Falcon Rappaport & Berkman LLP is proud to release our first-ever eBook. Building a Legal Cannabis Business and Brand: A New York Perspective is a powerful resource for anyone looking to learn more about the cannabis industry.

This eBook provides the federal background on cannabis by culling the various advisements from differing agencies and looks to the future for potential reforms. Our second chapter goes over New York State’s hemp and medical cannabis programs, breaks down the MRTA and future adult-use programs and compares it to other state markets, discusses the NY legacy market and potential incorporation of such, and even breaks down the Tribal cannabis market in NY. This e-Book provides the most detailed rundown of the New York cannabis markets ever released, while still serving as critical education for anyone looking to learn more about building a cannabis business in the United States. We discuss the various considerations in forming an entity, as well as address the factors specific to NY. Our chapters on fundraising, real estate, taxation, intellectual property, banking, transactions, and security are a must-read for anyone looking to further understand this complex industry. Due to many of these considerations being at the federal level, operators across the U.S. can benefit from this knowledge.

In addition to the wealth of information regarding federal and state cannabis, we also discuss important factors for any commercial entities near the cannabis space. Branding, incorporating branding into the business, marketing techniques, and cannabis technology are just some of the topics discussed in detail. For those interested in the Court's impact on the cannabis industry, we provide a rundown of some of the most notable cannabis-related cases, and why they matter for the industry.

Despite the considerable time and effort put into this e-Book by our team here at FRB, we will not be charging for access. We believe that the biggest plagues to the industry currently are the lack of access to both capital and education. For us to require capital for education we would be casting aside our values for profit and only be hurting those who need help the most. It has been difficult to watch over the years, as the cannabis industry has begun to blossom, for those who have been haunted by cannabis criminalization to repeatedly be passed over. We hope that New York can turn a new leaf. The first step in doing so is access to education for all those who may desire it. Too long have those with resources stood in the way of those without. While we call upon our policymakers to provide an equitable foundation, we too call upon those who can better their fellow citizens by supporting this burgeoning industry.

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