FRB Welcomes Back Girls Inc. of Long Island for Career Field Trip

Apr 12, 2024
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On March 20th, 2024, FRB had the privilege of hosting another successful event with the inspiring young women of Girls Inc. of Long Island. This year's Career Field Trip, held once again at our Rockville Centre office, provided a platform for a group of enthusiastic high school girls from Brentwood High School to explore career opportunities within the legal industry.

The event commenced with a captivating Career Panel, led by FRB Partners Dana Walsh Sivak and Rachael A. Harding, Associates Elizabeth G. Conklin and Jaclyn E. Diffley, and Paralegal Victoria LaRocca, who shared their personal journeys and professional perspectives, offering the girls invaluable guidance and a deeper understanding of the diverse career paths available within law firms. Following the panel, the girls participated in a  "Think Like a Lawyer" activity, an immersive exercise challenging the girls to analyze a hypothetical legal scenario, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and effective communication.

Throughout the day, FRB’s team provided the girls with firsthand knowledge about the day-to-day responsibilities and opportunities for career advancement within a law firm. During the interactive discussions, these young women gained insights into various aspects of legal work, from client interactions to courtroom advocacy, inspiring them to consider the possibilities that lie within the legal field.

“Our continued partnership with Girls Inc. of Long Island has been so rewarding, not just for the girls, but for us as well.  It’s become an opportunity for the women in our office to come together, reflect on our respective journeys, and share the lessons we’ve learned with these girls who are just starting their own,” said Dana Walsh Sivak. “We set out to inspire these girls to ‘dream big’ for their future, and we wind up leaving inspired ourselves by how incredible these girls show themselves to be.  They each have promising futures and Girls Inc. of Long Island is clearly helping them see the endless possibilities before them.”

"We are incredibly appreciative of our partnership with Falcon Falcon Rappaport & Berkman. To be able to introduce girls to female industry professionals in an intentional and interactive manner positively impacts the Girls Inc. Experience. It's rare to find a legal firm with so much female representation; to be able to showcase this and provide girls the opportunity to see themselves as future professionals is invaluable," said Susan Dunbar, Program Manager at Girls Inc. of Long Island. "FRB continues to meaningfully connect with our girls by walking through age-relevant scenarios such as unauthorized locker searches. This kind of content helps girls directly understand a segment of the legal system from a variety of perspectives and roles, helping them to develop into informed, educated young women.”

As our partnership with Girls Inc. of Long Island progresses, FRB is dedicated to fostering curiosity and ambition in these young women, encouraging them to dream boldly and realize their fullest potential in their future endeavors. We extend our gratitude to all involved, and we look forward to continuing to empower and inspire the next generation of leaders.

Girls Inc. of Long Island delivers life-changing programs and unique experiences to give girls the tools they need to be strong, smart & bold. We provide school and community-based programming that serves the unique needs of girls, ages 5-18, living in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Through community partnerships, we help girls to achieve their full potential, making their future brighter. Girls Inc. of Long Island is dedicated to the advocacy of gender equity for all girls in all areas of their lives. Learn more about Girls Inc. of Long Island:

Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold through direct service and advocacy. We work with schools and in communities to provide mentoring relationships, safe spaces, and evidence-based programming that are proven to help girls succeed. Girls build the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead change in their lives and effect change in the world. Girls Inc. also works with and for girls to advance legislation and policies that increase opportunities for all girls. Together with partners and supporters, we are building a new generation of leaders.

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