From a Man with a Van to Eight Figures: Lessons from Mike Agugliaro’s Entrepreneurial Voyage – Helping You Soar: A (Sort of) Legal Podcast #1

Oct 10, 2023

In our inaugural episode, join the Chair of FRB's Corporate & Securities Practice Group, Jeffrey W. Berkman, Esq., LL.M., as he interviews one of the firm’s amazing clients, Mike Agugliaro, CEO & Founder of FuDog Group. Jeff explores the fascinating story of how Mike (an electrician) and his partner, started with one van, and eventually sold their HVAC company in 2017, and 3 years later in the early days of COVID, their coaching and training company, for over $70 million.

Jeff seeks to explore what makes a successful entrepreneur tick; what lessons can be learned from Mike’s incredible story; and is the ability to succeed innate, or can it be taught? Well, as you will hear from Mike, the 49 decamillionaires that he has coached are arguably proof that success is within everyone’s reach if you have the right teacher and desire.

Listen to the episode here:

For business owners, entrepreneurs, and high-level executives, life can be demanding; family and friends may not understand your drive and focus. FuDog Group is a community of growth-minded rebels who understand the value of creating a "life board of advisors" to cut the learning curve and accelerate faster to a life by design. From health to wealth, from relationships to impact, and so much more... FuDog Group brings freedom, mastery, and legacy to life! 

Helping You Soar: A (Sort of) Legal Podcast, hosted by FRB Partner Jeffrey W. Berkman, Esq., LL.M., gives listeners insight into the minds of the myriad of successful businesspeople that FRB has been privileged to represent.

This podcast may be considered attorney advertising. This podcast is not presented for purposes of legal advice or for providing a legal opinion. Before any of the presenting attorneys can provide legal advice to any person or entity, and before an attorney-client relationship is formed, that attorney must have a signed fee agreement with a client setting forth the firm’s scope of representation and the fees that will be charged.

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