😊 👍 💰, We Have a Contract!

Jul 25, 2023
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By: Daniel J. Gershman, Esq. The use of Emojis has revolutionized the way we communicate, enabling us to express a vast range of emotions, and add visual depth to our digital conversations. However, the significance of...

The Future of Website Accessibility Litigation

Jul 21, 2023
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By: Hon. Ruth B. Kraft and Moish E. Peltz, Esq.  In 2022, plaintiffs filed a record number of website accessibility lawsuits against businesses in the federal court system—a total of 3,225. To put this number into...

WAGMI! At Last, a Legal Victory for Cryptocurrency

Jul 14, 2023
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By: Kyle M. Lawrence, Esq. After a seemingly endless wave of legal defeats, the Web3 world rejoiced as the Southern District of New York ruled partially in favor of Ripple Labs, Inc. (“Ripple”), representing the first...