NYC Buildings Summit: Sustainable Compliance

Register for NYC Buildings Summit: Sustainable Compliance, a three-part webinar series covering pivotal topics reshaping NYC real estate on Wednesday, February 7th, 2024 from 1-4 pm ET. Join Falcon Rappaport & Berkman’s real estate attorneys to learn about strategies and compliance surrounding Local Law 97, electrical vehicle charging stations, sidewalk sheds, and beyond. 

View the full agenda and register for each session below. We recommend you register for the webinar sessions even if you are unable to attend, and we will share the recordings with you.

Speakers: Ariel S. Holzer, Esq. and Christopher M. Slowik, Esq.

In this webinar, our speakers will navigate New York City’s conflicting regulations on sidewalk sheds and building facades. Discover how these multifaceted demands impact property owners, design professionals, and contractors. 

Covered topics include:
• “Get Sheds Down” initiative: Incentives and penalties for shed usage
• Local Law 126: Understanding annual parapet inspections and mandatory repairs
• Local Law 11: Insights into facade inspection requirements
• Proposed City Council legislation and DOB rules
• Policy pronouncements from the Mayor’s Office and DOB
• Strategies for compliance and adeptly navigating changing regulations

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Speakers: Jason R. Goldfarb, Esq. and Perry Balagur, Esq.

The adoption of EVs (electric vehicles) in the US has been moving at a blistering pace. Despite EVs being only 2% of the cars on the road, there are currently more than 2 million EVs in the USA, and sales have been increasing at a rate of over 8% a year. While most EV charging takes place at home and in the workplace, there’s a tremendous need for EV charging infrastructure to support those currently on the road and expected in the future.

As real estate owners and investors navigate the need for installing EV infrastructure, they face a dizzying array of technology and legal structures to put it all together. Our speakers will explore the key trends and challenges facing the installation and investment of EV infrastructure, with a particular focus on managing the risks and maximizing the opportunity.

Covered topics include:
• The potential impact of this new technology and the various EV infrastructure platforms as well as best practices
• Tax implications and availability of incentives and how to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations (ADA, Local Law 97, etc.)
• The current state of the market
• Unique challenges of implementing/installing EV infrastructure
• Location considerations & equipment types
• Investment and ROI expectations
• Legal structures

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Speakers: Ariel S. Holzer, Esq. and Christopher M. Slowik, Esq.

In 2024 Local Law 97 will establish a new environmental compliance framework for New York City buildings larger than 25,000 square feet, mandating adherence to new energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions limits. Our real estate professionals will guide property owners through compliance, carbon limits, exemptions, and cost-effective measures to prepare for the regulation’s implementation.

Join FRB’s real estate professionals, specializing in New York City real estate administrative law and compliance, as they guide property owners through the following topics:

• Carbon limits based on building size and usage
• Costs associated with exceeding emissions limits
• Reporting requirements under Local Law 97
• Potential exemptions and alternative compliance strategies
• Proactive steps for property owners to prepare for compliance and minimize future costs

Don’t miss this opportunity to secure your property’s future while ensuring compliance with New York City’s environmental mandates. Register now to stay informed HERE.

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