State of Crypto Fundraising, Layoffs, IRS Crypto Reporting and More

Oct 25, 2023


Today’s episode starts off with a deep dive into Messari’s State of Crypto Fundraising Report. Guess what? Funding has dropped in the third quarter of 2023. With geopolitical turmoil and economic fears, these numbers aren’t surprising. But there are still deals happening! Next up, we tackle a concerning trend: crypto layoffs. From Bitmain to Ledger, we’re seeing layoffs across all sectors of the industry. It’s not just specific to crypto – it’s a global belt-tightening phenomenon. We also discuss ETFs, the SEC’s first two enforcement actions against NFT projects, SBF’s ongoing criminal trial, and the comment deadline for IRS crypto reporting. Throughout the episode, Moish and Kyle provide their expert analysis, anecdotes, and predictions.

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Chapter Markers:

0:00 Welcome to Block & Order

1:00 Messari’s State of Crypto Fundraising Report

4:36 Crypto layoffs

8:11 ETFs

11:49 SEC’s first two enforcement actions against NFT projects

15:45 SBF’s ongoing criminal trial

22:07 Comment deadline for IRS crypto reporting

Show Notes:

Messari State of Crypto Fundraising:

Crypto layoff tracker:


SEC Dissenting Opinion on Impact Theory:

SEC Dissenting Opinion on Stoner Cats:

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Submit a comment letter to the IRS about crypto reporting regulations with LeXpunK’s AI-powered drafting tool:


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