Meme Coin Meta, MetaBirkins, DUNA, SEC & Prometheum, Coinbase Lawsuit, & NFT IP Laws

Mar 29, 2024


Join hosts Kyle Lawrence and Moish Peltz in the latest episode of Block & Order as they unpack the legal intricacies happening in the world of Blockchain. In this episode the guys discuss the current meme coin meta, Wyoming’s launch of the Decentralized Unincorporated Nonprofit Association, ongoing drama between the SEC and Prometheum, Coinbase’s motion to dismiss being denied, and the current state of NFT IP Laws. Tune in for another thought-provoking discussion on the legal issues shaping the world of web3 and beyond. #blockchain #crypto #cryptonews #nft #nftnews #web3

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Chapter Markers:

0:00 Welcome to Block + Order

0:50 Meme Token Meta

4:49 Hermès Update

8:43 Wyoming DUNA

12:25 Prometheum

16:37 Coinbase

20:38 NFT IP Laws

Show Notes:

Meme Token Meta:

Hermès v. Mason Rothschild Update:

Wyoming Launches Decentralized Unincorporated Nonprofit Association:

Congress Demands SEC to Explain Prometheum:

Coinbase Motion to Dismiss Denied (in part):

Gov’t Study Concludes that NFT-Specific Legislation is Not Needed:

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