GameStop Ends NFT Marketplace, Fox & Polygon Verify Protocol, Binance Lawsuit

Feb 02, 2024


Welcome back to Block & Order! From GameStop’s NFT marketplace closure to X/Twitter’s NFT profile picture discontinuation, hosts Kyle Lawrence and Moish Peltz dive into the intersection of blockchain, IP, and AI as well as social media, NFTs, and user verification.

The conversation heats up as Kyle and Moish explore the Verify protocol developed by Fox and Polygon Labs to combat deepfake technology and its potential impact on protecting content creators. Our hosts also provide an update on the Ryder Ripps and Yuga Labs saga and explore 1inch DAO’s proactive move to hire legal counsel through an on-chain vote.

Today’s episode concludes with a thought-provoking discussion about the lawsuit filed against Binance by families of Hamas victims, revealing the complexities of decentralized entities in the regulatory landscape.

Chapter Markers:

00:00 – Welcome to B&O

00:35 – GameStop Ends NFT Marketplace

04:25 – X removes NFT PFPs

08:12 – Fox and Polygon Verify Protocol

11:48 – Yuga Labs v Ryder Ripps

15:55 – 1inch DAO

19:57 – Binance Sued

Show Notes:

GameStop Ends NFT Marketplace:

X Removes Hex PFPs:

Fox & Polygon Create the Verify Protocol:

Yuga Labs v. Ryder Ripps update – Ryder Ripps to pay over $7m in attorney fees:

1inch DAO Attempts to Protect Members from Liability:

Binance Sued by Families of Hamas Victims:

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