CZ Sentencing, Avi Eisenberg, MetaMask v. SEC, Samourai Wallet, Moonbirds, SBF & Hong Kong

May 09, 2024


In this week’s episode, Kyle & Moish discuss CZ’s sentencing, Avi Eisenberg, MetaMask suing the SEC, Samourai Wallet, Moonbirds, SBF & Hong Kong’s proposal for self regulation in the crypto and DeFi space. #crypto #cryptonews #blockchain #blockchainnews #web3 #nft

Chapter Markers:

0:00 – Welcome

1:39 – CZ & Avi

5:27 – MetaMask v. SEC

9:33 – Samourai Wallet

13:58 – Moonbirds

18:37 – Sam Bankman-Fried

23:06 – Hong Kong Self Regulation

Show Notes:

CZ Sentencing:

Avi Eisenberg Found Guilty:

MetaMask Sues the SEC:

Samourai Wallet:


SBF Settlement:

Hong Kong:

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