Binance’s Billion Dollar Penalties, OpenAI & Sam Altman Drama, Bullish Buys Coindesk

Nov 30, 2023

In today’s episode, we break down the never-ending OpenAI and Sam Altman saga, SEC’s charges against Kraken, DAO governance models, and Binance’s $4.3 billion settlement opened a discourse on the future landscape of industry compliance. Our conversation ends with Bullish’s strategic acquisition of CoinDesk, and the potential implications this holds for journalistic integrity in the crypto space.

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Chapter Markers:

0:00 Welcome to Block & Order

2:02 Binance Pays Billions in Penalties, Changpeng Zhao steps down

6:52 OpenAI – Sam Altman hired and rehired

11:16 Aragon DAO votes to sue founders

15:57 SEC files complaint against Kraken

20:07 Tether and OKX collaborate with DOJ

24:22 Coindesk purchased by Bullish

Show Notes:

Binance Pays Billions in Penalties, CZ steps down:

OpenAI – Sam Altman:

Aragon DAO sues founders:

SEC files complaint against Kraken:

Tether, OKX collaborate with DOJ to seize $225m in illicit USDT fund:

Coindesk purchased by Bullish:

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