A Million Cookie Boxes Annually: Lessons Business Owners Can Learn from Non-Profits with Girl Scouts of Suffolk County CEO Tammy Severino

Mar 06, 2024

In this episode of Helping You Soar: A (Sort of) Legal Podcast, host Jeff Berkman delves into the world of nonprofit success and the inspirational story of Tammy Severino, President & CEO of the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County (GSSC), as she shares her journey and insights into leading one of the largest Girl Scout councils in the nation with over 12,000 girls, With her extensive experience and a visionary approach, Tammy discusses how Girl Scouts focuses on fostering courage, confidence, and character through community service, and she shares the similarities and unique challenges generally faced by non-profits.

This episode is not just for women and non-profits as it highlights the importance of empowerment in shaping the leaders of tomorrow, teaching entrepreneurship, and the immeasurable benefits, from both a personal and business perspective, derived from life-long relationships. It’s a conversation filled with insights for non-profit and for-profit organizations alike on building a successful infrastructure and embracing community involvement. 

Tune in to learn about Tammy Severino’s leadership ethos and the Girl Scouts’ mission as we discuss strategies for growth, leadership, and the impact of non-profits.

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