FRB Reopening Resources

FRB Resources for Reopening

Falcon Rappaport & Berkman PLLC is happy to announce that our Rockville Centre office is now open for our clients by appointment only. While our employees continue to work remotely, if necessary, we are available to schedule an appointment to meet with you at our office. The health and safety of our employees and clients remain a top priority. Below you will find an overview of the procedures we have put in place to prepare for a safe visit to our office and to limit the spread of the coronavirus (or COVID-19). 

Reopening Procedures

Do I need to come to the office?

  • For most clients, coming to the office will never be required, and we strive to accomplish tasks remotely by email, phone, or video conference, as appropriate. However, we understand that in certain circumstances, an office visit is required or simple much more efficient.
  • For that reason, we are providing the option of an in-person office visit for such clients at our Rockville Centre offices.
  • At this time, we are not scheduling client visits to our New York City office.

How can I make an appointment? 

  • To make an appointment, please speak directly to the Attorney with whom you wish to schedule a meeting.
  • An appointment must be made at least 48 hours in advance with the Attorney you wish to meet. 

What should I do after the appointment is confirmed? 

  • Once the appointment is confirmed please fill out the following form, at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment: 
  • Please note that appointments may be rescheduled based upon your failure to adhere to the submission timelines or the substance of your responses. We absolutely reserve the right to reschedule or cancel any in-person appointment for any reason.
  • To ensure the safety of those around you, we implore you to answer these forms fully, truthfully, and to the best of your ability. 

Once at the office, do I need to fill out any forms?  

What if I am bringing a guest? 

  • To ensure the safety of our employees, at this time guests are not permitted, unless absolutely necessary or vital to the meeting.
  • If a guest must be present, they must separately fill out the above forms. 

What policies should I adhere to while at the office? 

  • You must wear a mask at all times. 
  • To limit the spread of the virus, our employees are limiting handshakes. 
  • We will have hand sanitizer throughout the office and encourage you to sanitize or wash your hands frequently. 



Please call our offices at 212-203-3255 or 516-599-0888 to speak with us about a reopening question.

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